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Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside

Hotel description

Located 1 mi from Orlando International Airport with free scheduled shuttle services, this hotel features indoor and outdoor pools. A full-service pool bar is available and rooms include cable TV. Each soundproof room at the Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside provides coffee-making facilities. TV streaming services are also available in all rooms. Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside includes a hot tub and a fitness center. The hotel offers concierge services and a business center. Guests can dine on site at Crimson Tavern, which offers contemporary casual dining for lunch and dinner. Crimson Cafe services breakfast, and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a full-service coffee house. The property is 12 mi from SeaWorld. Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside is 21 mi miles the Walt Disney World Resort. Universal Orlando Resort is 9.3 mi from the property.

Hotel services

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