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SEEUSATOURS is pledged to mitigate all negative impacts that affect the natural environment by the development of its operation and to optimize the use of natural resources, promoting good practices of tourists in parks and natural areas and publicizing these natural areas in different sources of communication.
It is also committed to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the regions and destinations in which it has commercial activity, responsibly disseminating the traditions and tourist attractions of the territory, gastronomy, handicrafts, and real estate of cultural importance.
It is also committed to protecting and supporting the destination community by implementing good sustainable practices, respecting the rights of all stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with their duties; preventing negative impacts such as CSEC associated with travel and tourism.
It is a crime typified in the Colombian environmental regulations (decree 1608 of 1978) and criminal law (law 599 of 2000).
They require specialized and varied food that they can only get in nature.
They need space and natural environments to reproduce and avoid extinction.
They need the company and education of individuals of the same species to stimulate their survival.
Inevitably, the animal in captivity ends up demonstrating aggressive and temperamental behavior, in many cases without any provocation, becoming a threat to humans.
Outside of their habitat they cannot perform important functions such as seed dispersal, pest control, and maintaining the balance in ecosystems.
They become sick, depressed, and weak, often no matter how well we want to treat them, a condition that leads to their death in a short time.
When you buy a wildlife "pet", you are encouraging illegal trafficking, paying for the destruction of the planet, and contributing to the exhibition of the species.
For each caged and/or seized specimen, 10 individuals have died in the process of capture, transport, and commercialization.
They are carriers of many diseases that can be transmitted to humans or domestic animals (zoonotic diseases) causing serious ailments and even death.
Previously consult the information about the destination to visit, museums, buildings, culture, gastronomy, customs, and language.
Buy products that do not require the use of plants and/or animals in their manufacture.
Buy handicrafts from their manufacturers.
Report if you suspect sexual exploitation of minors.
Comply with local laws.
Respect the culture of the community.
Carry your identification documents at all times.
Contribute to the environment, recycle and make reasonable use of resources such as water and energy.
SEEUSATOURS rejects the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents and is committed to prevention and reporting within and outside the establishment, linking our partners, human resources, allies, and collaborators to the disclosure and compliance with the laws 1336 and 1329 of 2009.
In this agency, it is forbidden to promote or offer tour packages, sites, images, text, advertising, video, or any other means in which sexual activities with minors are shown.